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Los Angeles Stucco Services is the leading stucco contractor in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. Our specialty is Stucco Siding and Stucco Repair for commercial and residential buildings, new and existing, throughout Los Angeles. Are you preparing to finish your dream home? Perhaps you just need an exterior Stucco wall repaired. Either way, we have you covered. Our Stucco work is second to none in Southern California. We work with clients on projects of all sizes, consistently exceeding expectations.

Professional quality Stucco work requires professionally skilled Stucco Contractors, with years of job experience. Whatever your needs or desire, we have texture and custom color choices to meet all our client specifications. Make LA Stucco your first choice for all future Stucco projects.

We are the Top Choice in Los Angeles for Stucco Repair, Restoration and Application!

Proper Stucco repairs and reapplication is labor intensive and expensive. Applied correctly, to manufacturing specifications, properly maintained stucco can save homeowners and businesses from more costly structural repairs down the line. We believe our clients deserve the best the first time around, eliminating the need for costly follow-up work. We provide all Stucco Services, and no job is too big or small. Lathing, Surface Texturing, crack patching and Stucco repair. Our highly skilled contractors work with a variety of Stucco finishes and various coatings.

Trust LA Stucco to apply your Fireproofing. Need Plastering Service and Coating Service? We do it all well.  Learn more about all our Stucco Options, such as EIFS and Texcote® services, for your home or office. We will provide all the information you need and help you make Stucco decisions that will prolong the life of your building’s exterior.


We proudly provide the following Stucco Services:


This Single layer, lighter weight stucco system allows faster installation time for stucco products. Depending on the primary installation method, the application method will be adjusted. Many older Los Angeles homes have a 3 layer stucco system in place. Most newer homes and businesses usually have a single layer stucco application.


This is a Three Layer Stucco Process for application. It may included acrylic coating and new environmentally friendly plaster products.


This vital step in any stucco application or repair job should be handled only by the experts. Taking proper steps to protect your home and business with properly installed fireproofing plasters can lead to more positive outcomes in the case of fire.

Sand Blasting

We offer comprehensive sand blasting services to prepare stucco surfaces and concrete surfaces for staining and finishing.


The longevity of your stucco application depends on correct lathing. Without the proper wiring (lathing), your new stucco will not have a surface area to adhere to. Often this is the result of stucco failure.

Stucco Repair

Our Stucco Repair surfaces address everything from crack filling to whole house stucco replacement. We commit to carefully follow industry standard techniques, rehabbing your property and reviving its beauty.

Why LA Stucco?

We are proud to provide excellent Stucco Service to our Los Angeles clients. We always receive accolades for our Stucco Services from our clients.

Why Choose Us?

    • We’re local contractors. Seeking to support local business is vital to our economy and building local clients is vital to our success. We believe that local is best and strive to provide prompt, hands-on responses to onsite issues, as well as closely monitor job status.
    • Projects of all sizes. Weekend warrior jobs are fantastic, but Stucco projects are often too big and complex to be handled by amateurs. We stand behind our work and oversee all jobs, inside and out, of any size. LA Stucco proudly offers everything from minor crack repair to full house reapplications. Our contractors are competent and efficient.
  • We are Stucco Experts. LA Stucco believes in educating and training our contractors, on all manufacturing standards and changes. We want to stay up to date on all products and applications on the market. We know All about Stucco in CA. Our services are always professional. When you hire LA Stucco, you’re guaranteed the most fantastic results.

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We enjoy the Best Reviews and Referrals from our many satisfied Los Angeles Clients!

Your Los Angeles Stucco Services Company

Stucco is a durable, fungus and rot resistant cement plaster product. It is applied to surfaces inside or outside residential and commercial buildings. Should you be fortunate enough to have exterior stucco or a stucco wall interior, you will want to take the necessary steps to preserve your stucco.

Stucco Cement is made of exacting measurements of cement, sand and water. LA Stucco Services has the expertise to create and apply this perfect mix. Stucco is not a DIY project and should only be mixed and applied by experts. Chances are that if you try doing it yourself, you can risk damage to your property.

Even when attempting a seemly simple patch job, more harm can be done, risking the integrity of your home’s exterior and leaving you vulnerable to mole, mildew and worse. Creating the perfect stucco wall mix requires experience that can only be found when using trusted local Stucco Craftsmen.

Stucco Contractors from LA Stucco Services will make sure that the job is done right the first time. Different elements make every stucco siding project unique, and different mixing and application techniques are required.

Desired designs and patterning are created during and after application using special tools and techniques. LA Stucco Service Contractors are professionals with many years of experience working as true artists in the Stucco Repair field. Our Stucco contractors are the very best in the Los Angeles area, and we take pride in our work.

Stucco Repairs by LA Stucco Services

Stucco applied on the outside of a home or business is susceptible to water damage. Clients will often approach us after attempting to cover stains on stucco siding with paint. We always encourage our customers to address the root of the problem, rather than cover it over. Stains and other visible damage on stucco exteriors is often evidence of issues under the surface that must be addressed before problems become dire.

Should you suspect that you have structural or other damage to your stucco, call LA Stucco Services today for a free, no-obligation estimate and evaluation. We have a trained eye for potential stucco warning signs such as cracks, depressions and bulges on stucco surfaces. We will not address any issues without your consent and will never pressure clients to have work done they are not comfortable with.

Our skilled Stucco Contractors will check every inch of the house siding, visually looking for stains, cracks and bulges and any other evidence of stucco failure. We will use a tapping method to locate soft or spongy areas, often found near the foundation of exterior walls. Any concern areas or other stucco symptoms that might need Stucco Repair will be documented for your information.

Should there be structural damage that involves framework or materials underneath the stucco surface, we have fully licensed and bonded home repair specialists to step in before any stucco work is started. We will not just cover up problems. It is our policy to address the cause, not the symptom of stucco failure. We will show you exactly what is happening and what you can do to remedy the situation. The educated client is always the most satisfied client.

Once we have located the cause of the damage, we will ensure all appropriate repairs happen before the stucco project is started. This may involve anything from addressing wayward sprinkler heads to regrading foundations or addressing guttering issues.Los Angeles Stucco Service can tell you exactly what you need to do to make your gutters, downspouts and flashing work more efficiently. We work with our clients to address water issues that can degrade stucco exteriors.

When your home is ready for stucco repair, LA Stucco Services will do a first rate job. We have many property owners request to be onsite when stucco application takes place, and we encourage this involvement from our clients. The steps for stucco repair and replacement are fairly straightforward.

We can match any application and color style. Your new or repaired stucco surfaces should blend effortlessly into the original application. No eyesore repairs done by us! We take great pride in our skilled stucco repair work.

LA Stucco Services is the Stucco Repair service to call in the Los Angeles area. Whether you are looking to reapply stucco or build your new custom home, we have professional stucco services for all jobs big and small. We never encourage DIY stucco work. The integrity of your investment depends on the protection you provide for its exterior.

Never risk structural damage, rot, mold or mildew problems. We receive panicked calls from clients each week looking to rectify Stucco application nightmares. The cost can actually be much greater to repair faulty stucco work and its symptoms than to pay for properly installed stucco the first time out.

In all, Stucco is a versatile and generally low cost product that can be used in any climate and can cover a multitude of surfaces. When properly installed, it is durable and fire resistant. It is usually applied over concrete masonry, brick, steel or wood frames. Exterior stucco enjoys the additional benefit of offering excellent insulating qualities and will protect properties from heat and cold.

Whether you are looking to Stucco an entire building surface, or just a portion, Los Angeles Stucco Services can help you achieve your desired look. We stand by our Stucco Application and Stucco Repair Practices.

We are a company that prides itself on highly skilled contractors, always professionally equipped to handle all jobs with the utmost care.

We make it our goal to teach our clients about the Stucco Process, covering every step and explaining the timeline from start to finish. We believe that you are in charge. After all, you are paying for top quality Stucco work. We will never push you to make decisions or sell you options you do not need. We commit to providing you with information and allowing you to make all relevant choices. Read our testimonials to see what just some of our clients are saying about us! For commercial clients especially, the need to be respectful of your daily business is understood. Our recent project at a luxury rehab center in Orange County was a case in point. The last thing they needed was for us to cause disruption to their clients. See the testimonial below from Coastline Behavioral Health!

Contact Los Angeles  Stucco Contractors today and discuss your Stucco Siding repair or replacement with one of our competent staff. We will meet you at your site, prepared to offer siding options for every need. 

We Provide Additional Home Repair Services!

Fascia Repair and Wood Replacement

Whether you are dealing with dry rot issues, or have had to remediate following mold and termites, we have services  you can rely on. We are skilled wood repair and replacement experts in Los Angeles.

All Concrete Services

We are pleased to be able to offer an extensive list of Concrete Services for Los Angeles. Always adding beauty and value to your home, our commitment to quality is second to none.

More Services

Everything from Concrete Bracing, Concrete pouring and Concrete Mix, we have all your needs covered. Contact us today for a free, no obligation estimate and arrange to have your property inspected.

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We purchased a new home in Los Angeles and needed to update the stucco around the garage. The work was done quickly… we are happy with final result.”

Graham Smith

Los Angeles Home Owner

We called LA Stucco last year to fix our peeling stucco siding and replace some wood boards along the roof line. They gave us a free quote and everything in writing. We are pleased with the final job.”

Peter Jackson Sr.

Los Angels Homeowner

“Fantastic finish – the work was completed on time and with minimal disruption

Jason Jacobs

Director, Coastline Behavioral Health