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We enjoy some of the most beautiful weather here in Southern California, but heat and sun can be hard on improperly maintained or applied Stucco Siding. We urge our clients to contact us on a yearly basis to schedule a regular evaluation and inspect of any defects that may develop into cracks or worse. Preventing costly and extensive repairs can be easy with our maintenance options.

In order for Stucco Siding to provide protection for your business investment, we often stress the importance of having the correct finish applied according to manufacturing specifications. Thorough inspection, careful cleaning and meticulous preparation of the existing Stucco siding is necessary before reapplication can be completed. More often than not, power washing is all that is recommended prior to reapplication of sealant, following any minor crack repairs. We have trained contractors ready to evaluate any environmental issues that may be contributing to failure of your Stucco.

When your clients arrive at your building, it should make a great first impression. A clean, tidy exterior can make a fantastic welcome and a beautiful workplace is something to be proud of. We work with corporations, business parks and small companies, providing the most economical and professional Stucco Service in Los Angeles.

Our extensive client list includes hotels, apartment complexes, medical building and large corporations. Los Angeles Stucco Services works within local and state standards, adhering to strict manufacturing specifications. Our skilled contractors are often commended on their professional, knowledgable service. Whether new construction, or existing renovation, we have products and solutions for all your Stucco needs.

We provide the following top quality services and products:

  • Stucco Restoration and Repair for all buildings.
  • Open Frame Stucco Application for any building situation.
  • Custom Spray Gun and Hand Trowel Application
  • Plaster Coating
  • Fireproofing
  • Lathing
  • EIFS

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