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When homeowners experience Stucco decay due to insufficient drainage and excessive moisture, the problems are often beyond them. Stucco Siding is naturally porous and requires regular maintenance. Often, when it has begun to deteriorate, cracks and surface flaws begin to allow more water to enter, causing Stucco Siding failure.

Stucco absorbs water and begins to break down. The first sign of damage may be growing cracks and fissures, as well as peeling paint. Not only is this unsightly, your siding becomes a prime growing environment for mold. Prevention can save you big money in the long run. Contact Los Angeles Stucco to repair any Stucco Siding imperfections today.

Like all exterior home sidings, Stucco ages with exposure to the elements. Properly applied and sealed Stucco requires regular yearly maintenance. Have Los Angeles Stucco provide you with a free, no risk estimate and maintenance plan. We work with local homeowners to homes beautiful.

If you are working with a home remodel contractor it is advisable to question which company they intend to use for your stucco and plastering work. Oftentimes contractors will try and use another general contractor or do it themselves. Stucco is a specialist trade so it is better to have experts work on this part of your project rather than someone who “can do it”.

When drainage and moisture are an issue, we suggest homeowners seek solutions before we start Stucco work. Taking care of water problems first ensures that your new Stucco Siding lasts a long time, saving you money down the road.

Often drainage issues are simple fixes, requiring the redirection of downspouts or cleaning of home’s gutters. Other more serious problems may require regrading or replanting of vegetation on the property. These issues can be dealt with quickly and Stucco work can begin.

Los Angeles Stucco looks forward to serving you! Contact us today with questions about our many stucco services designed to keep your home looking great.

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